City Manager


The City Manager is the administrative head of the government of the City and the Successor Agency to the Redevelopment Agency, under the direction of the City Council/Agency Board. He/she is responsible for the efficient administration of all affairs of the City, which are under his/her control.

Typical duties of the position include:

Supervise and direct all officers, heads of departments and subordinate employees of the City, including for the appointment, promotion, demotion, and removal of employees; Exercise control over methods and procedures of operations in city department and may consolidate, combine or reorganize departments; Make recommendations to the City Council and advise them as to the needs of the City Prepare and submit the annual City budget to the Council and is responsible for its administration after adoption; and Prepare capital improvement plans, special reports and related documents and advise the Council of the financial condition and requirements of the City.

As a Department, City Manager/Administrative Services is responsible for performing a variety of functions, including oversight of economic and business development programs, coordinating the City's planned response to emergency situations, administration of programs to develop and promote affordable housing, administration of the City's data processing and telecommunications systems, personnel, media relations and community outreach, administrative support for the Yorba Linda Redevelopment Agency, and coordination of the City's risk management and various insurance programs.

If you would like to contact the City Manager's Office, please call (714) 961-7110.

Key Staff:

City Manager's Office

Mark Pulone, City Manager  
David Christian, Assistant City Manager
Mark Aalders, Assistant to the City Manager 
Allison Estes, Management Analyst
Susan Lamp, Executive Assistant 

Housing/Economic Development

Pam Stoker, Economic Development Manager

Information Technology

Vacant, MIS Manager
Edgar Trenado, MIS Administrator

Emergency Management Services

Mike Ferdig, Emergency Management Coordinator (Part-Time)