When are Elections for City Council held?

Elections for Yorba Linda City Council Members are held on the first Tuesday of November (after the first Monday) in all even-numbered years.

What are the qualifications and process to run for a seat on the City Council?

Any United States citizen may run for Yorba Linda City Council as long as he or she is registered to vote in Yorba Linda. Council Members are elected for terms of four years and are limited to three terms. Required forms include, but are not limited to, the following: Nomination Petition (which must be signed by at least 20, but not more than 30, valid registered Yorba Linda voters); Conflict of Interest Disclosure Statement; and Campaign Finance Disclosure Statement. All necessary forms are available from the Yorba Linda City Clerk on the opening date of the nomination period (113 days prior to the municipal election). For more specific qualifications and filing deadlines, persons interested in becoming candidates should contact the Yorba Linda City Clerk's Department by calling (714) 961-7150 or by visiting City Hall during regular business hours. Click for Candidate Information


Where is my Polling Place and Polling Hours?

The City of Yorba Linda contracts with the Orange County Registrar of Voters for selection of polling places and workers. Every effort is made to maintain consistent polling sites for each area, however, polling places may vary from election to election. Registered voters will receive a sample ballot a few weeks before the election that will provide the polling place location, date, and time. Polls will be open from 7:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. on election day. If you are unsure of when and where you vote, log onto the County's web site here or call the Yorba Linda City Clerk's Office at (714) 961-7150.

How do I obtain a Vote-By-Mail Ballot?

Any registered voter is eligible to vote by mail, but you must request a ballot application no later than seven days prior to the election. Applications may be obtained from the Yorba Linda City Clerk's Office by caling (714) 961-7150 or the Orange County Registrar of Voter's Office at (714) 567-7600. You can also download the application from the County of Orange's website. The sample ballot you receive in the mail will also contain a Vote-By-Mail Ballot application, and many candidates now mail applications to voters as well. If your application is approved, you will receive a ballot in the mail. The completed ballot must be received at the Orange County Registrar of Voter's Office by Election Day in order to be counted. You can mail it in, or return it to any polling place on Election Day. Applications are only approved for vote by mail voting for the current election period. However, voters can request permanent vote-by-mail status. If you are approved for this status, you must vote in all primary and general elections held in your area. Failure to do so relinquishes permanent vote-by-mail status.

How do I register to Vote?

You can register to vote by picking up a registration form at a number of places, including the Yorba Linda City Hall, the Yorba Linda Public Library, the Department of Motor Vehicles, and the United States Post Office. You can also download the registration form over the Internet by logging onto the County's website, the Secretary of State's website, or the Federal Election Assistance Commission's website. You may also obtain a registration form by calling (800) 345-VOTE or the Yorba Linda City Clerk's Office at (714) 961-7150. Remember you will need to re-register to vote if you have moved, or if your name or party affiliation has changed. Click here for more info.

How can I obtain Election information in different languages?

Links to Election information in various languages can be found by clicking here .