Community Development

The Department of Community Development is responsible for managing all planning, zoning and land development issues for the City. In addition, this department is also responsible for approving and inspecting new construction on private property and responding to violations of the City Municipal Code.

For questions about specific services provided by the Community Development Department, consult the phone numbers below:

Advanced Planning, Zoning, Parcel/Tract Maps, Conditional Use Permits, Design Reviews

(714) 961-7130

Code Enforcement, Property Maintenance

(714) 961-7138

Building Permits (plumbing, electrical, mechanical, structural)

(714) 961-7120

Building Inspections

(714) 854-7411

Key Staff

David Brantley, Community Development Director

Zoning Code

For more information about Yorba Linda's Zoning Ordinances, click here

 Building Inspection Request INFORMATION

The public can now submit building inspection requests 24 hours a day, 7 days a week using the online inspection request or the new Building Inspection Request Phone Line. Click the link below for more information and detailed step-by-step instructions. Building Inspection Information Page.

Updated Historic Resources Element

After many public outreach meetings and consideration by the Planning Commission and the City Council, the City Council adopted an updated Historic Resources Element of the General Plan on September 18, 2012.

Updated Historic Resources Element.

Yorba Linda  Historic Resources Element Initial Study/Negative Declaration.


 To ensure the quality of future Multi-Family developments in the City, the City Council adopted the Multi-Family Design Guidelines in October of 2011. Please use the link below to access the document.

Multi-Family Residential Design Guidelines 

Draft Housing Element

Use the link below to access a draft of the Housing Element of the City's General Plan along with a variety of related information. Draft Housing Element     2014 - 2021 Housing Element (Draft)

Yorba Linda Town Center

Get more information about the Town Center and the Town Center Blue Ribbon Committee (BRC), including copies of meeting agenda and minutes, public input, and a copy of its Final Report.


Yorba Linda Community Profile

As a first step in revisiting the General Plan for Yorba Linda, the City of Yorba Linda and The Planning Center prepared this high quality, graphic-rich Community Profile that examines the City from a physical, social, environmental, and economic perspective.

In particular, the Community Profile focuses on changes to economic, fiscal, and demographic trends that occurred since the City last updated its general plan over 15 years ago. The resulting book serves four main purposes:

1. Memorialize and celebrate Yorba Linda

2. Provide a snapshot of conditions and trends

3. Serve as a resource for decisions and discussions

4. Supply data to validate and update the City’s vision

The Community Profile was also used by the City during a trip to the 2010 International Council of Shopping Centers Conference as one way of engaging potential commercial businesses and demonstrating the value of locating in Yorba Linda.

Together, the City and The Planning Center were able to take what is normally a technical document that sits on the shelf and produce a coffee table quality hardcover book that is proudly displayed and distributed by City Staff and elected officials. Our goal was to create a book that is enjoyed not just by planners, but by all who live and work in Yorba Linda.  Yorba Linda Community Profile Book

Home Improvement Assistance Program

The Community Development Department sponsors a program that provides funding to assist senior and disabled residents who might be physically or financially unable to maintain their homes. Find more information about the CDBG Home Improvement Program.

Jordon Project

Use the link below to access environmental reports prepared in conjunction with a request to demolish the building at 18452 Buena Vista. Jordon Project


Janeway-House Chavez Residence (Trueblood-Janeway Residence) Project Documents

Use the link below to access environmental reports prepared in conjunction with a demolition application from the property owner. Chavez Residence


Historic Resources Survey

Click here to access the results to the Yorba LInda Historic Resources Survey presented at the Public Meeting on September 10, 2009. Click here for the presentation made on November 12, 2009. Click here for the presentation made to the City Council on January 5, 2010.


The City of Yorba Linda has prepared a draft Historic Preservation Ordinance for the City.  The new Historic Preservation Ordinance will create a new chapter (Chapter 18.42) in the Zoning Code, and will replace the existing Historic Combining Zone Ordinance (Article II of Chapter 18.18).  Please use the link to access the draft ordinance.


Unmanned aircraft systems (UAS), or drones as they are often called, are increasingly available online and on store shelves. Prospective operators—from consumers to businesses—want to fly and fly safely, but many don’t realize that, just because you can easily acquire a UAS, doesn’t mean you can fly it anywhere, or for any purpose. There are a number of new federal regulations and safe operating practices that apply to drones.  The City of Yorba Linda supports responsible drone ownership in accordance with applicable laws and encourages residents to become knowledgeable with them prior to operation.  “Know Before You Fly” is an educational campaign that provides prospective users with the information and guidance they need to fly safely and responsibly.  It is recommended that drone owners/operators review the recommendations posted by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) on

Additionally, the City of Yorba Linda has established the O.C. Sheriff’s Department as the single point of contact for reporting any drone-related incidents or complaints.  Reporting should be directed to Sheriff's Non-Emergency Dispatch at (714) 647-7000 or (949) 770-6011.