The Finance Department is accountable for all monies received by the City and Redevelopment Agency and provides all financial management services. The Finance Department performs all financial record keeping and reporting, budget revenue and expenditure projections, cash flows, investments, payroll, accounts payable, purchasing, accounts receivable, fixed asset accounting, business license collections, cashiering and receptionist functions.

For questions about specific services provided by the Finance Department consult the phone numbers below:

General Accounting (714) 961-7140
Accounts Payable (714) 961-7144
Treasurer/Investments (714) 961-7140
Business Licenses (714) 961-7145

Key Staff :

Scott Catlett - Finance Director
Sophia Leung - Financial Services Manager


document Budgets

A copy of the approved budgets are available for viewing.  Click the following links to open a PDF file of each adopted budget : 

 2009-10 Budget| 2010-11 Budget| 2011-12 Budget | 2012-13 Budget| 2013-14 AND 2014-15 Budget
2015-16 and 2016-17 Budget

documentAnnual Financial Documents

Each year, the City of Yorba Linda and the former Yorba Linda Redevelopment Agency (RDA) undergo financial audits. Use the links below to access PDF files of the most recent audited financial statements.

City Financial Report - 2008-09| RDA Financial Report - 2008-09 
City Financial Report - 2009-10| RDA Financial Report - 2009-10
City Financial Report - 2010-11| RDA Financial Report - 2010-11
City Financial Report - 2011-12| RDA Financial Report -1-31-12
City Financial Report - 2012-13|
City Financial Report - 2014-15|
City Financial Report - 2015-16|

FY 15-16 to FY 21-22


Finance Department Fees

2015-16 Traffic Development Fees Annual Report

2015-16 Master Plan of Drainage Fees Annual Report