Public Works

Maintenance of the City's infrastructure, such as roads, storm drains, traffic signals, street lights, and landscaping is the responsibility of the Department of Public Works. In addition to managing the day-to-day maintenance work, Public Works also designs and constructs new public facilities as well as major capital improvements to existing facilities.

For questions about specific services provided by Public Works, call our office at (714) 961-7170

Key Staff

Michael Wolfe, Public Works Director/City Engineer 
Rick Yee, Assistant City Engineer
Matthew Simonetti, Senior Civil Engineer
Armando Jaime, Public Works Superintendent
Tony Wang, Traffic Engineering Manager
Bruce Carleton, Landscape Maintenance Assessment District Manager


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Traffic and Transportation

Click the link below to access information about a variety of traffic-related topics for Yorba Linda, as well as the region and the state.
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landscape and Lighting maintenance assessment district

The City of Yorba Linda maintains numerous landscape areas throughout the city which provide an aesthetic appeal that many residents have come to enjoy.  Most of the landscape areas are maintained through assessments collected by the Landscape and Lighting Maintenance Assessment District (LMAD) for the special benefits received.

Resident Re-vote Information

Deficit Zone Maps      L1B    L2L   L2P   L4A   L5A   L-2A   L-2E/L2U   L-2K   L-2N

LMAD Maintenace Location Guidelines for Deficit Zones

LMAD UPDATED FAQ - Regarding Proposition 218 Process

Drought Advisory - LMAD Medians FAQ

2016/2017 Engineer's Annual Report

2015/2016 Engineer's Annual Report

2014/2015 Engineer's Annual Report

2013/2014 Engineer's Annual Report

2012/2013 Engineer's Annual Report

LMCAC Frequently Asked Questions

LMAD Issues Action Plan - City Council Special Meeting March 13, 2013

Review of LMAD and Other Public Landscape Areas

Road  Construction  Projects

Click the link below for the latest information on current and upcoming road construction projects in and around the City of Yorba Linda.
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Encroachment Permits

Encroachment permits are issued by the engineering department for the performance of any work in the public right of way or within a City easement.

Public right-of-way typically includes driveway approaches, sidewalks and parkways. When in doubt check with the Engineering Department for the exact location of the City's right-of-way or easements.

Encroachment permit applications are available at the engineering front counter or at the link below:
Permit application

A hardcopy of the permit application should be submitted to the engineering front counter along with:
• Certificate of Insurance naming the City as additionally insured
• A Site plan showing the location, dimension, nature of the proposed work, and any other details which may be required by the engineer (3 copies)
• Traffic control plan (when required)
A permit number will be assigned at the time of issuance.

Permit Fees:
Permit fees are based on the type and amount of work involved. Additionally a cash deposit may be required to guarantee completion of the work or repair of existing facilities. The cash deposit is fully refundable upon successful compliance with the terms of the permit.
For a copy of the fee schedule of charges for these permits click here.

For all permits involving excavation, it is required that Underground Service Alert (USA) be contacted visiting or by dialing 811 a minimum of two working days prior to excavation.


Update on Local Landscaping Services - Upcoming Local Landscape Vote

Resolution 2015-5296

Guidelines for Deficit Zones

Resolution 2016-5360

Map of Zones to be Ballotted