Parks and Recreation Master Plan


The City of Yorba Linda’s recreational facilities, programs, and park amenities are essential to the composition of the community. Knowing this, the City Council unanimously voted to accept the updated City of Yorba Parks and Recreation Master Plan on August 19, 2014.

The master plan is the culmination of over 2 years of public outreach with community stakeholders, user groups partners, and appointed and elected officials. These discussions with the community will continue as we work together to ensure that the parks and recreation system continues to enhance the lives of the Yorba Linda residents.

Our parks and recreation system is a reflection of the community’s long held values and support for parkland, open space, fitness, life long learning and access to recreation programs and services that lead to higher property values, and most importantly increased quality of life opportunities.  For over 40 years, the City of Yorba Linda Parks and Recreation department has promoted the community’s access to parks and recreation programs and services. The master plan continues this practice.

Purpose of the Master Plan

The Parks and Recreation Department of the City of Yorba Linda operates parks and recreation facilities that provide the opportunity for leisure activities for over 65,000 residents. The City of Yorba Linda recognizes that properly planned development and appropriate maintenance of these facilities enhance the quality of life for the citizens of Yorba Linda. The updated Parks & Recreation Master Plan provides direction to continue the orderly and consistent planning, acquisition, development and administration of the parks and recreation programming in the City. The Parks and Recreation Master Plan will provide a vision for the future, taking into account the existing condition of facilities and the total parks and recreation needs and desires of City residents.

The new Master Plan will guide decision making with regard to policy and contains an inventory and assessment of recreation programs and service offerings, operations, maintenance and capital improvements to be made over the next twenty years that will enhance the quality of life in the City. The Master Plan also provides an assessment of equestrian needs and options for developing future equestrian facilities within the City. The Master Plan will be used as a planning tool for staff and the Parks and Recreation Commission when making recommendations to the City Council for future facility improvements and for delivering parks and recreation services through the year 2030.

Master Plan Goals

The Project Team developed several Master Plan goals to guide the consultant team in the Master Plan process. It was agreed that the Master Plan needed to do the following in order to be a document the Parks and Recreation Department could use to guide its facility and program development in the future:

    • Describe current and future demographic projections and regional context;
    • Examine the current conditions of parks, schools, trails and facilities;
    • Study and analyze current public demand and needs for parks and recreation facilities and programs;
    • Develop operating policies based on future needs expressed by the staff and the community;
    • Recommend improvements to existing parks and facilities and opportunities for joint use and future acquisition;
    • Examine and analyze current program policies;
    • Recommend future uses and proposed development of equestrian facilities;
    • Describe funding and financing strategies and actions to enable the City to implement the recommendations by the year 2030.

Parks and Recreation Master Plan (Complete Document)

Parks and Facilities Inventory (Interactive Map and List of City Parks and Buildings and PYLUSD Facilities)