Volunteer/Donation Opportunities

The City of Yorba Linda Parks and Recreation Department has a variety of volunteer opportunities to serve a wide range of interests. For further information on each program listed below, along with details on how to become a volunteer, please view our Volunteer Opportunity Packet.  If you have questions about volunteer opportunities or need additional information, please contact the Parks and Recreation Department at (714) 961-7160 or email ylparksandrec@yorba-linda.org


  • Year Round Volunteer Program (for High School Students)
  • TAC - Teen Action Committee (7-8 Grades)
  • Summer Volunteen Program (Ages 14-17)
  • Volunteer Opportunities at Senior Programs (Ages 18+)
  • Clean Parks Campaign (All Ages)


The Yorba Linda Parks and Recreation Department needs your assistance to keep our parks: SAFE, CLEAN, & ATTRACTIVE. The Parks and Recreation Department of the City of Yorba Linda operates and manages over 147 acres of open space encompassed within 30 parks, recreation facilities and a municipal golf course that provide leisure activities for over 65,000 residents. It is the Park and Recreation Department’s mission to maximize all available resources to deliver well maintained parks, clean and well-functioning recreation facilities, and quality programs, events and community services to the residents and visitors of Yorba Linda. There are 4 Ways to help keep our parks clean.

1.  Pick-Up: Please do not litter and make sure to clean your area after each park visit. You can also help by picking up litter in the park that other people may have left and by spreading the message of keeping our parks clean. It is also important to please pick up after your pets.

2.  Evaluate: Input from residents is an important part of maintaining our parks. Please rate our parks by completing and submitting a Park Review Report. 

3.  Volunteer: Non-profit organizations or groups of individuals can volunteer and complete park rehabilitation projects. These projects include planting trees, clearing slopes, painting projects and more. A list of needed projects is available here.

4.  Donate: Individuals, organizations and businesses can donate through the Community Sponsorship Program. Monetary donations for park improvement can be made through the Silver or Bronze Sponsorship levels. Donations can be earmarked for specific projects and larger donations are also accepted. Please view a list of volunteer projects and materials that can be donated. Please contact the Parks and Recreation Department for more information at (714)961-7160.