Yorba Linda Storm Water Program

Do You Know Where The Water In Your Storm Drain Goes?


In Yorba Linda, storm drains flow directly to local creeks and rivers (i.e., Santa Ana River) and eventually into the Pacific Ocean with little or no treatment. Listed below are ways that you can help improve the quality of water for everyone!

The 1972 Federal Clean Water Act (CWA) established the National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) Permit Program to regulate the discharge of pollutants from point sources, such as sewage treatment plants and industrial facilities to waters of the United States (i.e., rivers, oceans). Prior to 1987 little attention was paid to pollution from non-point sources, such as urban runoff from streets and stormwater from construction sites. The U.S. Congress amended the CWA in 1987 to specifically regulate these discharges from municipalities by setting deadlines for the implementation of numerous water quality control programs. Several of the required components include public education, regulatory requirements for existing and new development, increased inspections, monitoring, revision, and the adoption of more restrictive development standards (commercial, industrial restaurant facility inspections, and implementation of Best Management Practices).

For additional information about the NPDES permit click here. To find out more about Best Management Practices (BMPs) and way that you can improve the quality of water in the City of Yorba Linda, refer to the information provided below.

Water Quality/Urban Runoff Information:

Stormwater program information

Yorba Linda Stormwater Program - Local Implementation Plan (LIP

Yorba Linda Water Quality Management Plan (WQMP) 


Pollution Prevention for Residents & HOA

Pollution Prevention for Businesses

Pollution Prevention for Construction Activities

Wind Erosion Controls

Sediment Controls

Waste Management and Materials

Non Stormwater Management Controls

Tracking Controls

Commercial and Industrial Facilities

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Water Quality Websites

Post Construction NPDES Documents

wavesPollution Prevention for Residents & HOA


wavesPollution Prevention for Businesses
Pollution Prevention for Construction Activities

wavesErosion Control Measures

wavesWind Erosion Controls
wavesSediment Controls
wavesWaste Management and Materials
wavesNon Stormwater Management Controls
wavesTracking Controls
wavesCommercial and Industrial Facilities


wavesWater Quality Websites


wavesPost Contruction NPDES Documents

Contact Information


  • To report urban runoff water quality problems, call the Community Preservation Department at (714) 961-7138.
  • For situations that pose an immediate significant threat to life or property, dial 911.
  • For the County of Orange's 24-hour water pollution reporting hotline, call (714) 567-6363.
  • To report clogged storm drains, please call (714) 961-7170. After hours, please call the Orange County Sheriff Department at (714) 647-7000.